Who we are ?

As we gradually stepped into the virtual world, it brought some aspects of the world around us, ranging from learning, entertainment, and many more. In this process, advertisements also began progressively squeezed in various forms. They became a form of business in themselves. Big tech giants making over a billion dollars each year with their sources of income are their users watching advertisements in several forms covering emails, ads on screens, and numerous other kinds. But surprisingly, this billion-dollar industry operates by excluding its consumer from the dynamics of monetary gains. Consumers' data is being used daily for targeted advertisements to boost their income, leaving absolutely nothing to the consumer.

We, at SeriAmigo, aim to amend this chain and add the end user to the monetary chain converting this immense potential industry into a dual benefit one targeting primarily the millennials of today.

On our platform, users maintain privacy as they earn Seri Token for viewing ads. These tokens will be a game-changer because the token gets more value as this community gets more valuable. Then that value accrues to the community, the people who hold the tokens, not necessarily just the corporation's shareholders. That's a big game-changer that makes this more decentralized where the network participants can get benefits themselves, not just you, the issuer. This token gives the user a part of ownership and power to transit in and out of the app using the Seri token.

In a traditional web 2.0 platform, users have been treated as products and cut out of the monetary chains, and here as we transit into new web 3.0, we are making sure our users are not cut off of the equation and are treated as the co-owners of the platform.

With India as its strategic hub, the emerging Web3 market is expanding the foundation of the most important number of crypto enthusiasts driving foreign money into crypto startups. Over 100 million crypto owners, with $ 6.6 billion in crypto assets and young people aged 18-35, have significantly increased interest and adoption of alternative investments and with this we at SeriAmigo our building a social community for the next web 3.0 ecosystem.