Building Social Community on blockchain.

SeriAmigo, a digital transformation firm which is building a Social Graph to make a difference in the growing Web 3.0 ecosystem.

What is social token ?

Social tokens is a crypto token, it's a way of creating a token centered around a community where the token benefits the community members and secured by blockchain

How does it work ?

Users are incentivized for their contributions to the network and earn tokens. These tokens are game-changer because the token gets more value as our community gets more valuable.


With These social tokens, user's are not only incentivized but they can use these tokens to avail premium features in the application and provides a way for people to join the web3 and blockchain world.

Monetize experiences

Users can use their tokens to connect and transact in and out of the app.

Valuable asset

Token value is governed by supply and demand, which gives all holders a stake in the game.

Decentralized exchange

Social token is built on a fast, safe & reliable blockchain technology


New web 3.0 ecosystem is created in a way to benefits the enite social graph chain.

User earn for attention

Users maintain privacy as they earn a SERI Token for contributing to the network.

Unlock Priviledges

Would be able to use these tokens to unlock premium features & curated products and experiences of premier brands

Advertisers get better return

We lets advertisers know their ads’ effectiveness without violating privacy.


Social token is built over the safe and reliable decentralized blockchain technology

What is SeriAmigo ?

At SeriAmigo,we aim to add the end user to the monetary chain converting this immense potential industry into a dual benefit one targeting largely the Gen Z of today.

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